FILM NEWS: How to Continue Your Dragon

Despite my own overwhelming urge to climb into the screen each time I watch How to Train Your Dragon, I was nevertheless sceptical when news hit that a sequel was on the way. Sequels tend to ruin once great films, rarely living up to their potential and serving only as reminders of how good the original once was, before knowing the uninspiring futures awaiting your favourite characters.

My fears only multiplied when DreamWorks announced that they would be spreading the title over two platforms, promising a television series to bridge the gap between 2010 and the distant future – like, with jetpacks – of 2013. Just look at The Lion King, my favouritist (my word) Disney movie, unceremoniously trampled under a stampede of knock offs and cash ins. First came the mandatory straight-to-DVD sequel, then the trilogy-capping travesty, and finally an assault of charicatured Timon and Pumbaa centric TV episodes that ran out of ideas almost as quickly as they ran out of original cast-members.

What I needed was reassurance, someone to pull me close and tell me everything was going to be OK. After all, for every Shrek 2 DreamWorks had also produced the original-improving Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, surely with their new and improved mantra they might even manage to not spectacularly fudge my favourite movie of last year. It turns out, then, that Tim Johnson (who?) is that person. Opening up to, the director ticked off just about everything I needed addressed.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (and its resident series) are to be much, much bigger according to Johnson. Promising to further explore the Viking land of Berk, the executive producer confirmed that one of the original’s director’s is back for the sequel and that all involved are suitably worried. Ever the optimist, I have interpreted this to mean that they are anxious not to shit all over the masterpiece original and not that they are concerned by their lack of good ideas. That, as Johnson explained, the studio had previously been similarly worried about cutting Hiccup’s leg off, I reserve the right to delude myself with uniformly positive thought. Amputating Hiccup’s leg was a stroke of genius, and if this takes worrisom brainpower then so be it!

With source author Cressida Cowell’s next-in-line book intriguingly titled How To Be A Pirate, it is anyone’s guess where the franchises future might lie. Teasing new locations and characters, the sequel will hopefully not content itself with new Vikings and regions of Berk. Cowell’s books contained some insane dragons, as did the movie’s Dragon Book, whetting ones appetite regarding what Giant-trouncing behemoths might be hiding under volcanoes everywhere. The name-dropping of Trolls too, might foreshadow future antagonists.

Putting my own wish-list aside, however, the facts are more than enough to sate my curiosity for now. I am hugely relieved that DreamWorks are ‘worried’, that the series won’t be dumbing itself down for Nickelodeon and that  – mostly- the studio didn’t kill Hiccup first time around (seriously – it was actually considered). How to Train Your Dragon was a truly extraordinary film, not least for its pitch-perfect use of 3D, and it is a good day when you can look forward to a second dose of dragon training – any worry safely in the hands of those in charge.


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