February 2011 – Do you know the “f” word?

Two BondalongaBlogs in, and with January now relegated to the history books, February has similarly passed us by, caught up in the throng of awards season.

Did you watch the Oscars last night? I did, all four excruciating hours of it. While not all of my predictions came true, it was still a thoroughly mixed affair, caught somewhere between an enthusiastic nod and an outraged shake of the head. The King’s Speech reigned supreme, but with awards season now behind us, it is time for the blockbusters to rear their exploding heads.

February began with See Film Differently’s much anticipated screening of Trainspotting in Edinburgh’s Royal Scottish Academy. Representing HeyUGuys, I was finally able to unpack my schmoozing face and act like a bona fide film journalist. I was greeted with a free dinner (haggis), a free drink (wine) and a complimentary box of popcorn (cardboard).  The film was followed by a trip down Princes St. to the Ingleby Gallery to peruse the film’s promotional material and drink more free wine. It was great, living proof that Edinburgh can be exciting too.

Back at The Cinema That Must Not Be Named, I sat through Gulliver’s Travels, was put off by Barney’s Version, moved by Never Let Me Go, excited by Sanctum 3D, entertained by Paul, bored by True Grit, disappointed by I am Number Four, charmed by Gnomeo and Juliet and unimpressed with The Fighter. I also took the time to review Justin Bieber: Never Say Never for BestforFilm, Alpha and Omega for HeyUGuys and finally found the time to review Priceless for myself. It has been a busy month, but one which has rather failed to make much of a good impression.

News-wise things have been better. The first trailer for X-Men: First Class put an army of fans at ease, while Captain America and Thor continued to hold the spotlight. Pixar celebrated their 25th anniversary, giving me the opportunity to argue my favourite of their many incredible releases: the incomparable Finding Nemo. More importantly, How to Train Your Dragon 2 continued to entice with news that it is to be even more epic than the original – 2013 really cannot come quickly enough!

Most importantly, however, February saw this blog open up to Alongcameaginge‘s contributions. At odds with my unenthusiastic review of True Grit, she endeavoured to present The True Nitty Gritty in all its apparent glory. It might not be Friday, but follow her anyway.

To end this month, I journeyed to Glasgow (I was in Buckie a few weeks ago as well, country-hopping or what!) for a day at their burgeoning Film Festival. Watching Route Irish with Oliver Wood from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – review pending – I summed up my experiences in an article for HeyUGuys which aimed to celebrate this increasingly prestigious film event.

Film of the month: Sanctum 3D


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I am a psychology graduate, a News Writer for HeyUGuys/BestforFilm and, most importantly, a hopeless popcorn addict.

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