March 2011 – You made me…a period mix?

Despite being a bit of a non-month event-wise, March has been one of my busiest months in terms of reviews and features since London.

In addition to reporting the good (Walden Media Go Back To The Beginning For Narnia 4), the bad (Jennifer Garner IS Miss Marple) and the downright weird movie (Channing Tatum Believes in Faries – He Does, He Does!) news this month, I have reviewed Chalet Girl and Battle: LA for HeyUGuys, Route Irish and Chalet Girl for BestforFilm, and The Rite, The Adjustment Bureau, Rango, Fair Game, Anuvahood, No Strings Attached, Unkown, Submarine, Limitless and Country Strong for this blog.

Inspired by Mother’s Day, The King’s (sweary) Speech and Jodie Foster’s decrepit Beaver, I have written features listing five movie matriarchs and what to get them for Mother’s Day, asking if the 12A certificate is still valid and exampling the use of anthropomorphisation in cinema.

This month has also seen my starting to write for a new website, the endlessly entertaining Oh Yeah Me Too. In a change of lanes that saw me complaining writing about things other than film, I decided to list five institutions that aren’t as awesome as they used to be (since when was the weekend a disappointing luxury in which town became unpassable?) and four things that scientists can stop inventing now (*cough* thirst pockets *cough*).

Excitingly, March has also seen a number of other developments. While HeyUGuys were revamping their site and the Shop went live at BestforFilm, my Tangled review made an appearance on the Vue website as an official critical review.

I ended March, as I have so far ended every month this year, in a desperate attempt to finish blogging along a Bond in time for any pinching and punching. This month’s film was Goldfinger, perhaps the best film in the series (I seriously hope we haven’t peaked already), a five star cheese-dream in which Sean Connery disguises himself as a seagull, statues are decapitated by bowler hats and people die from “skin suffocation”. Compared to the recent preference for serious Bond, I loved it.

Film of the month: Rango


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I am a psychology graduate, a News Writer for HeyUGuys/BestforFilm and, most importantly, a hopeless popcorn addict.

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