Black Sheep (2006)

Ovinophobic Henry Oldfield (Nick Fenton) returns to his childhood farm at the behest of his ever-unavailable therapist, having made it his business to stay away after a childhood trauma at the hands of his psychotic brother. When two environmentalists steal a test sample from Angus’ genetics laboratory, a contagion enters the local ecosystem turning the local sheep populace into a pack of ranpaging ruminant zombies.  As a farm-bound conspiracy comes to light, and with Experience’s (Danielle Mason) fellow eco-warrior in with a baaad crowd, Henry and Experience must overcome their fears – and open their base chakras – if they are to survive the gore-drenched lunacy.

Black Sheep is hilarious. However, while the filmmakers might like to think that you are laughing with them, it becomes increasingly difficult to not laugh at them. Good humoured though their efforts may be, Black Sheep is by no means as clever as it thinks it is, its  high concept heavily undermined by incompetent acting, a farcical tone and some of the clunkiest dialogue ever committed to celluloid (“You have a very selfish aura”/”The feng shui in this room is terrible”).

While a story centring on mutant sheep and human hybridisation was never going to be high on gravitas, it could have easily matched the gruesome madness of The Cottage for horror steeped comedy. Instead, an ensemble of increasingly annoying character ensures that death is the only desirable outcome, if only to end all the confounded talk of tree power and smelly auras.

That said, there is undoubtedly fun to be had. After the initial insanity has worn off – whether through desensitisation or an improved pace – the film settles into a shameless rhythm and genuinely seems to find its hooves. With the low budget technical wizardry on show, Black Sheep unwittingly does for sheep what An American Werewolf in London did for wolves. Just without the latter’s well-deserved acclaim.


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