FILM NEWS: Help fund Cancer Research with VUE CINEMAS and Life In A Day.

Not a big fan of cancer? Like going to the cinema? Then do Vue have the film for you!

Vue Entertainment – in partnership with Ridley Scott and YouTube – are donating 25% of each ticket price to charity when you book to see Life In A Day: a depiction of life on July 24, 2010 which will act as a cinematic time-capsule for the future.

Due for release on June 17, 2011 – and directed by Kevin MacDonald from a staggering 80,000 submissions – Life In A Day tells the story of one day on Earth, and everything that might entail.

Book through my profile – which will redirect to the Vue website when you click “Buy Tickets Now”, allowing you to select a performance and subsequently pay as normal – and 25% of the money you spend will be donated to Cancer Research – my charity of choice.

It is a great opportunity to help save the world even as you watch its mysteries unfold on screen, making a difference by doing something you would be doing anyway without any extra cost to you. And, perhaps best of all, this way you don’t have to run a single inch.

Book now to donate:


About popcornaddiction
I am a psychology graduate, a News Writer for HeyUGuys/BestforFilm and, most importantly, a hopeless popcorn addict.

3 Responses to FILM NEWS: Help fund Cancer Research with VUE CINEMAS and Life In A Day.

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  2. Alfred Hairs says:

    Hey you should put a buy button on this page! I had to go to another page to purchase my tickets.

    • Wait, you can do that? I thought people might feel safer about paying if I just redirected them to the Vue website, I’m a complete pay-online-aphobe myself and wanted people to know it’s completely legitimate and secure.

      It’s a really good cause and if you’re planning on seeing the film anyway it’s a total no-brainer. I get free cinema and even I bought a ticket.

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