May 2011 – I’m killing ’em, I’m killing ’em straight.

Here we are again, another month down and another batch of movies under our collective belt. We’ve had gas masked psychic’s, drug monkeys and alien-bashing chavs; 20s and 80s nostalgia; and Saoirse Ronan in an orange boiler suit.

It’s been a month of superhero calm before they storm cinemas for summer, a month of surprising originality in the shadow of an onslaught of sequels, retcons and reimaginings. With an unexpected display of acting talent in front of the camera, May could only have started in one place: Cannes.

This month I attended the 64th annual Cannes Film Festival. Well, I say attended; I shared a city with it, browsed its official merchandise marquis and got turned away from its offices on account of a botched accreditation. It did, however, offer me the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere, burn my nose in the sun and see (the categorically excellent) Midnight In Paris before it attained U.K. distribution.

I arrived home to find that my application to this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival had been successful, a huge consolation as I relaxed in the knowledge that I would have at least one press pass around my neck this year. Back at work, I returned to the cinema for Insidious (hilarious), Attack the Block (brutal), Take Me Home Tonight (dross), Hanna (rivetting), Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (neverending), Blitz (entertaining) and The Hangover: Part II (repetitive), reviewing Risen: The Howard Winstone Story (diabolical) from the land of nod and Catfish (enthralling) and Black Sheep (harmless)from home.

With Vue Cinemas teaming with Ridley Scott and YouTube, I set about earning money for Cancer Research on behalf of Life In A Day, an upcoming movie which provides a snapshot of life on Earth. With 25% of each ticket sold through my profile going to the charity, it’s a good cause in the name of an apparently excellent film.

With the month drawing to a close, all that was left to do was review this month’s Bond: You Only Live Twice, an engaging – if overplotted – instalment which ups the scale for a praise-worthy fifth instalment. This franchise is going places.

Film of the Month: Midnight in Paris


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