June 2011 – It’s happening! It happened.

Summer is here, and what better way to celebrate than with a uncompromising slew of vapid blockbusters and flagging franchises. That’s right, this was the month of X-Men: First Class (admittedly rather good), Green Lantern (a honking pile of fetid excrement) and Transformers: Dark of the Moon (just as brain-meltingly God-awful as the rest of the series).

Good thing, then, that the 65th Edinburgh International Film Festival should lumber into view, clawing awkwardly over Judd Apatow’s Bridesmaids (same trademark schtick, different gender) as they shit and sick in a well-to-do sink. Although it boasted its fair share of clunkers – Fast Romance was worse than being Scottish for two hours, The Turnin Horse showed up without its plot and Mourning for Anna completely forgot to get started – for the most part the festival showcased some engaging and accomplished content. Oh, and I got to interview like two directors. TWO OF THEM!

Rabies (Kalevet) was the masterpiece that the slasher genre had long been deprived, The Troll Hunter was one of the most spectacularly tense mocumentaries ever committed to film and The Bang Bang Club turned four snap-happy photojournalists into veritable action heroes. Pity, then, that the festival organisers shot themselves in the foot with a British focus. When the best we had to offer was the pillock from Skins throwing a few raves, you can’t help but pine for the more intriguing movies on offer from Scandinavia and – in the case of deranged clown movie The Last Circus – Spain too.

Back behind the counter/projector for some overdue not-fun, I set about getting my Oranges and Lemons in order for the following Wednesday. I loved Life in a Day and The Beaver, absolutely despised Bad Teacher and enjoyed Prom quite despite myself.

I also found the time to inquire as to what might be the greatest comic book movie ever made. Settling on Hellboy II: The Golden Army I had just enough time (not really) to crank out this month’s BlogalongaBond: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. To conclude the month, I received the rather exciting news that popcornaddiction has been approved by FHM – how incredibly exciting.

Updated: January 2012

Film of the month: Life In A Day.


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I am a psychology graduate, a News Writer for HeyUGuys/BestforFilm and, most importantly, a hopeless popcorn addict.

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