July 2011 – Well I’m not gonna kiss you!

Well isn’t this odd: civi-street, I mean. How do you guys manage it? Having parted ways with The Cinema That Must Not Be Named (Vue) after four long years of service, I have found myself suddenly cut off from the ongoing summer season. Sure, I no longer have to hawk overpriced merchandise, argue prices with a steady slew of Leith’s finest or pretend that drop box is actually called barrier, but I no longer get to watch anything and everything Hollywood sees fit to throw at me for the price of a brief escalator ride either. Seriously, what if there’s a Hannah Montana: The Movie 2??

As such, July has been rather light on films. Catching up on Larry Crowne before finally hanging up my Ben and Jerry’s apron to hopefully burn in Hell, I have since emptied my wallet in order to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II 2D, 3D and Captain America: The First Avenger. While it of course makes the most economical sense, I can’t quite bring myself to buy a Cineworld Unlimited Card. The screens are bare, the digital projectors seem to be run by only the dimmest Big Brother contestants and you have to queue for movies like you might for a second class stamp. Nevertheless, with Super 8, The Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Tintin fast approaching it may be a bullet worth biting.

In other news, I prepped my DVD player for a week of Harry Potter celebration (I know, every week is a week of Harry Potter celebration). Working my way through Philosopher’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire (*breathes*), Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows: Part I, I watched the finale in constant awe, through haemorrhaged tear ducts and the crushing sense that the best part of my life was crashing to the ground around me. I know, melodramatic much?

For Best for Film I contributed a series of blogs identifying five trailers that are better than the movies they tease, the best Harry Potter scenes that were never filmed and six fads that are arguably stunting cinemas. This, along with Bill Bryson’s entire back catalogue and an unhealthy amount of Mocha Frappuccino (a near-effective cinema substitute) brought me to the end of the month, an hour spent hurriedly finishing July’s edition BlogalongaBond: There’s Something I’d Like You To Get Off Your Chest (1971).

What does the future hold? Well, it’s beginning to look like a near endless barrage of Unlimited Card advertisements intrusively spliced between trailers, a multitude of time spent among noisy cinemagoers I’m powerless to throw out of my life and a mind-numbingly repetitive Red Bull advert that makes the Orange gold spots feel like a blessed way of spending sixty endless seconds. I’m serious, how do you guys manage it?

Film of the month: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II


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I am a psychology graduate, a News Writer for HeyUGuys/BestforFilm and, most importantly, a hopeless popcorn addict.

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