September 2011 – What, there are no good sharks?

It was bound to happen eventually: after nine months of steady growth and unwavering enthusiasm I finally hit a rut. A big one. A rut that not even Jurassic Park – with all of its timeless awesome – could shake me out of.

It’s not exactly been the best month for film; September has, to wit, delivered a steady onslaught of averageness, as I’m doomed to cling on to the excellence of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II and Super 8 in lieu of a new masterclass in entertainment to make it all worth while again.

September started out strong at least, with Troll Hunter finally making its U.K. debut following an advertising campaign for which I contributed the heavily-featured word ‘jaw-dropping’, and the long awaited release of Fright Night 3D. From this point on, however, standards dropped as the likes of Apollo 18Colombiana, One DayA Lonely Place To Die, 30: Minutes or Less and Crazy, Stupid, Lovewere marched out to keep the seat warm for October’s famed delights.

While some films – namely Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Drive – were received incredibly well by some critics, and despite enjoying them for what they were worth, I didn’t share the sense that I had just witnessed a masterpiece. While I take full responsibility for the former (I clearly didn’t study hard enough – i.e. read the book), Drive was all style and no substance.

This same lacklustre feel extended to this month’s Bond, with The Man With The Golden Gun providing a few thrills but losing it in favour of a few cheap laughs. Good thing, then, that the Blu-ray release of the Star Wars saga gave me something of note to keep my home entertained.

So, while it’s been a bit of a non-month, I look forward to October with a new sense of purpose and near unbearable levels of excitement. Tintin. Melancholia. Shark Night 3D. Paranormal Activity. Red State. Hell, even Johnny English Reborn. With the sole exception of perhaps Twilight’s Breaking Dawn: Part I, there really are only good times ahead.

Film of the Month: Troll Hunter


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