March 2012 – Fire all things that go bang!

With awards season behind us and an unfolding number of Spring blockbusters adapting their way or jumping really high into cinemas, March has been a month of record breakers, both good and bad.

Opening with a couple of particularly weak comedies in the form of Wanderlust and This Means War, the month – and the genre – finally found its feet with the surprisingly likeable 21 Jump Street reboot, inverting just about every high school/buddy comedy/cop movie trope it could get its hands on.

The following week saw the dismal The Raven arrive in cinemas, accompanied mercifully by the criminally underrated – and underseen – John Carter (of Mars). I returned to STV’s Moviejuice in order to praise the film’s creature design and special effects, even if I did have to concede that the film was, unquestionably, about an hour too long.

It was with the release of the long-anticipated (and slightly shorter-anticipated, for me at least – as I explained to The Observer) The Hunger Games, Gary Ross’ impressive adaptation of the first instalment in Suzanne Collins’  much-loved trilogy. Raw, fearless and slyly satirical, the film took the best of Collins’ themes and ran with them, even if the 12A rating, shaky-cam and awkward balance between build-up and arena-set action robbed it of true greatness.

For me, the last release of the year was Aardman’s The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists!, a sumptuous and charming creation from the talents behind Wallace and Gromit. Although I smiled irresistibly throughout, with Pixar and DreamWorks forever raising the bar The Pirates! seemed awkwardly short on belly-laughs by comparison.

March was also a month spent looking back; with The Avengers now less than a month away I began to revisit its constituent franchises as part of an Avengers Assembling retrospective. Having so far covered Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, I look forward to looking on Iron Man 2 with fresh eyes.

I also seized the opportunity to catch up on a number of horror movies that I had either missed in cinemas or completely forgotten that I actually owned. As such I spent my free time watching Battle Royale, Freddy vs. Jason, Bug, Carriers, Stake Land, Snowtown and The Awakening.

Ending the month as I have now grown accustomed to, I reviewed the next Bond movie in line, Timothy Dalton’s début outing The Living Daylights, for Incredible Suit’s monthly BlogalongaBond.

Film of the month: The Hunger Games.


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