Home Entertainment Releases – May 28, 2012

Every week I stumble into HMV, surprised that a certain movie has either arrived on DVD and Blu-ray so fast or, conversely, taken quite so long to land on home entertainment. This week is no different, with a scattering of new releases that have taken anything from five months to three short days to arrive in stores.

If your experience of Michel Hazanavicius’ The Artist (2011, Entertainment, PG) was marred by a limited release, noisy audience or confused Liverpudlians, this is the perfect opportunity to experience the film again in the comfort of your own home. A silent, black and white French drama, The Artist was never particularly reliant on Dolby surround sound or giant screens in order to make its mark on audiences, the film more than standing up on the small screen.

By all reckoning, Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011, Fox Searchlight, 15) is one of the most remarkable films to be released this year (or last, depending on where you live). With its power-house central performance from the never less than extraordinary Elizabeth Olsen (third time’s the charm, eh mum and dad?) and controversial subject matter, Martha Marcy May Marlene charts one young woman’s escape from a vindictive cult to truly gut-wrenching effect.

Like Crazy (2011, Paramount, 12) co-stars Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin as two young lovers forced to separate as a result of U.S. immigration laws. Boasting naturalistic performances and improvisation-heavy dialogue, Drake Doremus tries to tell a timeless story of romance that doesn’t fall back on pratfalls, dick-jokes or Katherine Heigl. Needless to say they succeed beautifully.

With Avengers Assemble currently tearing up at the box office, it’s easy to forget that it was not our first taste of superheroics this year. The Max Landis-scripted, Josh Trank-directed Chronicle (2012, 20th Century Fox, 15) pipped Joss Whedon’s superteam (as well as Spider-man and Batman) to cinemas in February when it opened to feverish fanfare. Combining the found-footage format with a deliriously stripped-down origin story, Trank’s film set the bar very high indeed.

A sequel to 2008’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012, Warner Bros., PG) sees Josh Hutcherson’s young hero paired up with Dwayne Johnson on another Vernian adventure. As with last year’s Fast Five, Journey 2 benefits from The Rock’s presence, but still struggles to make an impression as a result of the lacklustre story and uninspiring supporting cast.

If you were anywhere near the Internet on Wednesday 23rd May, you no doubt heard of the one day theatrical run planned for Timo Vuorensola’s Iron Sky (2012, Revolver Entertainment, 15). While its unexpected success has lead many cinema chains to prolong its release, the film also lands on DVD this week, giving audiences a choice of venue. With its semi-satirical story of space Nazis invading a future Earth, Iron Sky is an absolutely deranged delight.

Next week: Goon, Coriolanus, W.E., Red Dog, A Monster in Paris, Juan of the Dead, Babycall


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