August 2012 – My shoe is bigger than this car!

As summer 2012 comes to an end with a Keith Lemon movie, a sci-fi comedy starring Vince Vaughn and yet another remake, it is safe to say that this blockbuster season has been anything but a classic. Two OK-ish superhero movies, a botched attempt at rejuvenating the Alien franchise and a few forgettable animations later, it’s time to move on to Autumn, and with it the year’s first few award contenders.

This month’s mediumlights included The Expendables 2, Step Up 4: Miami Heat and the bits of The Bourne Legacy that starred Matt Damon’s photograph. Less exciting still was The Three Stooges, the latest offering from the Farrelly brothers which is about as enjoyable as your 20th viewing of There’s Something About Mary. Or a hammer to the face. But even it manages to entertain on a certain level, substantially more than can be said for humourless Oscar-bait Lawless, a film I saw back in June at the Edinburgh Film Festival but have only just managed to face the task of reviewing.

In fact, the only movie that could possibly count as a success, or even hope to justify the trip to the cinema, has been Len Wiseman’s remake of 1990’s craptastic Philip K. Dick adaptation Total Recall. While it spends about as much time dealing with the source novel’s philosophical underpinnings as it does not jumping through windows, Wiseman and his cameraman manage to create a world that is more enticing, more captivating and more interesting than anything else the month has had to offer. In under 2 hours, no less! And it does all this while starring Jessica Bile (sp) in a leading role.

August also saw three new features: a description of The Dark Knight Rises in D-Box, a list of my ten favourite 3D moments and a Jeremy Renner cheat sheet for Best for Film, in addition to the 20th instalment of BlogalongaBond. In fact, I began the month with Batman and Robin and ended it with Die Another Day, two films I enjoyed substantially more than most of my cinema experiences combined (unless you include a belated viewing of Headhunters). Roll on September — after all, we’re now officially a member of the Large Association of Movie Blogs.

Film of the month: Total Recall


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