September 2012 – It’s all the deep end

After a dry spell that lasted for most of the summer season, the heavens this month finally opened and washed a handful of decent movies into cinemas. Along with a couple of Great White sharks.

September delivered Alex Garland’s stylish Dredd 3D, Peter Strickland’s acclaimed Berberian Sound Studio and two characteristically accomplished performances from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the first in Looney Tune-esque thriller Premium Rush and the second in time-travel paradox Looper. Nothing could quite compare to LAIKA’s ParaNorman, however, a beautifully subversive horror-comedy from the studio that brought us Coraline.

Not that the month was without its share of duds. A Few Best Men got things off to a disastrous start, while Oliver Stone’s Savages and Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love made sure that you never took the cinematic Indian summer for granted. It was Paul W.S. Anderson’s Resident Evil: Retribution that made for the month’s biggest disappointment, however, as it gave up on narrative altogether and instead settled for teasing the next instalment.

Fitting into neither camp were the likes of Anna Karenina and Killing Them Softly, two films that worked on one level but failed to engage in any memorable way. Meanwhile, Bait, an Australian shark-attack film I had to import from the U.S. after months of anticipation, managed to periodically entertain, and Liberal Arts, a film I saw ahead of its October release, left me feeling sorely nostalgic for my own student days.

Away from the multiplex, I signed up at Dundee Contemporary Arts for an eight week course in science fiction cinema. With Metropolis and Invasion of the Body Snatchers out of the way, I look forward to catching up with the likes of Brazil, Silent Running and Moon on the big screen in the weeks ahead.

I ended September with Casino Royale, for this month’s edition of BlogalongaBond. Only Quantum of Solace now remains before Skyfall ends this 23 month endeavour.

Film of the month: ParaNorman


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I am a psychology graduate, a News Writer for HeyUGuys/BestforFilm and, most importantly, a hopeless popcorn addict.

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