Ten 2013 Movies That Can’t Come Quickly Enough

With only one of my predicted favourites making last year’s list of ten best films (and Resident Evil: Retribution ranking among the worst) you may well question my ability to forecast the hits ahead. I certainly do. Nevertheless, here are ten of the movies I am most looking forward to in 2013…

Les Misérables

Les MiserablesStraddling years thanks to its 2012 release in the U.S., Tom Hooper’s adaptation of the famous musical makes this list on account of my having not seen it yet. Attracting rave reviews and awards nominations the world over, the film is set to become something of a modern classic, with particular attention being paid to Hooper’s decision to have his cast sing their lines live on set. The trailer alone is something to be cheered, so there is every chance that Les Misérables could be the best Hollywood musical of the year; maybe even since South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.

Warm Bodies

Warm BodiesStarring Nicholas Hoult as lovestruck zombie R, a victim of an apocalyptic outbreak that has left America in ruin, the film follows his special relationship with a human survivor. As feeling returns to his undead body, his romantic resurrection sets off a chain reaction that might just save the day. Originally dismissed as Twilight with zombies (by me, at least), the trailers have instead shown it to be something more. Something funnier. A rom-zom-com from Jonathan Levine, based on the best-selling novel by Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies could well be the Shaun Of The Dead/Zombieland of 2013.


StokerWith a script from Wentworth Miller, a cast that includes her from Alice In Wonderland, and a name that implies yet more vampires are on the way, you could be forgiven for thinking Stoker might be some sort of stinker. It turns out that being on the “Black List” is actually a good thing, however, and every indication is that Stoker is set to be something truly special indeed. The film — part family drama, part psychological thriller — co-stars Matthew Goode and Nicole Kidman, and is directed by celebrated South Korean director Park Chan-wook.

The Croods

The CroodsAlthough initially tempted to award all three 2013 DreamWorks Animated releases a place on this list, I instead decided to settle for the first set to reach audiences: March’s The Croods. Telling the story of a cautious cave-family forced to venture from their home by an earthquake, the film looks set to combine state-of-the-art animation, accomplished storytelling and lively characters in the vein of past successes How To Train Your Dragon and Rise Of The Guardians. An original tale, The Croods looks both more interesting and exciting than Pixar’s upcoming retread of Monsters Inc.

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3Wherever it might have ranked in your own top ten, there is simply no denying that Marvel’s Avengers Assemble was one of the most enjoyable films of last year. With the group-members each going their separate ways come film’s end, it will be interesting to see just how well the individuals fare without their team-mates there to help them out, both in the ring and at the international box office. First up is Iron Man, and while for years Tony Stark was the golden-boy of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, that all changed with Mark Ruffalo replaced Edward Norton as The Incredible Hulk. Whether it sinks or swims, this will be the one to watch come April.

Fast And Furious 6

Fast and Furious 6While you could argue that there has never been a truly awful instalment in the Fast and Furious franchise, until 2011’s Fast Five it would have been equally difficult to argue that there had ever been a particularly good one either. The previous instalment changed that, with the focus shifting from races to a more traditional action adventure format, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson bringing some much-needed charisma to a cast sorely lacking in it. Once again directed by Justin Lin, Fast and Furious 6 will be the first of two parts written by Chris Morgan to bring some closure to the series. It will also add Luke Evans and Gina Carano to the cast, and mark the return of Michelle Rodriguez as Letty Ortiz after her picture was glimpsed at the end of the previous movie.

After Earth

After EarthWhile there are those that have given up on  once-prolific director M. Night Shyamalan (many long, long ago), I for one have not. Sure, The Lady In The Water was slow, The Happening was ridiculous and The Last Airbender was childish, but they were by no means badly made movies. They were just badly written. With After Earth — a post-apocalyptic action adventure that stars Will and Jaden Smith as a father and son stranded on a long-abandoned earth — however, Shyamalan has left writing duties to someone else. The trailer looks very promising indeed.

Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About NothingFilmed in his own home between his commitments on Marvel’s Avengers Assemble (itself destined to be rapturously received), Joss Whedon drew on his pool of actors from his beloved television shows Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse to make an ultra low-budget adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Screened at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, the movie drew acclaim from numerous critics for its wit, ingenuity and originality. All established Whedon trademarks.

Kick-Ass 2

Kick-Ass 2In a landscape as saturated as the superhero genre it is very difficult for any one movie to stand out, largely because it is either a reboot, sequel or adaptation, but also because so many of the established characters are so very similar. Nevertheless, Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman’s Kick-Ass made something of a splash in 2010 for its adult language, extreme violence and for a subversive streak that was about a mile wide. The sequel, previously subtitled Balls To The Walls, looks set to develop on the success of the first movie. While this time not directed by Vaughn (who inherited and later abandoned the X-Men franchise too), Kick-Ass 2 will reunite the original’s cast to hopefully hilarious effect.


GravityAlthough not without some bite, 2001’s Y Tu Mamá También seems a million movie miles from Gravity, the latest film to be directed by Mexican maestro Alfonso Cuarón. Of course, we had Harry Potter And The Prizoner Of Azkaban and Children Of Men to bridge the gap, but even then Gravity looks like something of an outlier. Originally set to star Natalie Portman and Robert Downey Jr, the film was later cast with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. The respective roles are of the last two surviving astronauts on a damaged space station. Although very different in theme and subject, Cuarón has never made a bad — or even mediocre — movie.

Other possible contenders include Evil Dead, Star Trek Into Darkness and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2, none of which have me quite as excited as the ten that made the final cut.


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4 Responses to Ten 2013 Movies That Can’t Come Quickly Enough

  1. I am waiting for the next performance of Rooney Mara in Soderbergh’s “Side Effects”! I am also curious in how Whedon remakes “Much Ado About Nothing”.

  2. I saw “Much Ado About Nothing” at the Toronto Film Festival and loved it. You’re in for a treat. “Warm Bodies” was an interesting take on a zombie love story but ended up being so much more about humanity; a simple story but a solidly good one.

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