2013: Five Films The Oscars Forgot

Announced this afternoon by Seth MacFarlane and Emma Stone, the nominations for eleven of the 85th Annual Academy Awards paid dividends to many of the years best films, filmmakers and — in some ways, at least — its filmgoers, too.

While the likes of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, Ang Lee’s Life Of Pi and David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook reigned supreme — with Zero Dark Thirty, The Master and Les Misérables also scoring multiple nominations each — there were a number of notable omissions too.

Here, then, are five of the most heinous:

Cloud Atlas

2013 Cloud AtlasDismissed by critics and now forgotten by the Academy, Cloud Atlas was both a remarkable adaptation of David Mitchell’s novel of the same name and an acheivement in special effects. Using the same pool of actors — including Hugo Weaving, Halle Berry, Jim Sturgess — to tell a number of very distinct stories, the film largely overcame its flaws to become something of a triumph. At the very least, it deserved recognition in the Make-Up And Hairstyling (where it would still stand a head and shoulders above its competition), and perhaps Best Adapted Screenplay, too.

Rise Of The Guardians

2013 Rise Of The GuardiansThe latest feature film from DreamWorks Animation, Rise Of The Guardians combined the considerable talents of producer Guillermo del Toro, cinematographer Roger Deakins and composer Alexandre Desplat to produce one of the finest animated films of the year. Not only was it slighted in the Best Animated Film Category (persumably to make room for the hollow Wreck-It Ralph and underwhelming Brave), but the sublime score also went unrecognised as Desplat was instead nominated for his work on Argo — a score I am having a fair amount of trouble remembering.


2013 SkyfallWhile unlike everything else included in this list Skyfall did pick up a few nominations — namely for best cinematography and best original song — it was still slighted in a number of other categories. Not only would it have made a worthy addition to the Best Feature Film category (where it could have rounded the list up to an even ten), but Dame Judi Dench was left out of the Best Supporting Actress category, despite her excellent work on the series as a whole and her superb performance in Sam Mendes’ Skyfall in particular.

Killer Joe

2013 Killer JoeI could have just as easily included Magic Mike or The Paperboy here, as it’s Matthew McConaughey who was this year slighted by the Acedemy. Not only was each film very good (especially by his own standards), but he managed to steal each from each and every one of his co-stars. Killer Joe boasted some truly remarkable performances, but each paled in comparison to McConaughey’s watershed performance as the titular gun-for-hire. God love Alan Arkin, but his Oscar-nominated turn in Argo doesn’t even begin to compare.

The Imposter

2013 The ImposterOf all the oversights, injustices and slights of today’s announcements (let’s not forget that even The Dark Knight Rises — and most of anything else for that matter — holds less nominations than Snow White And The Huntsman), the most difficult to swallow is the lack of love for Bart Layton’s The Imposter. A truly astonishing documentary that played just as well as a traditional thriller as it did a piece of investigative filmmaking, The Imposter was one of the best and most memorably releases of the year. That it didn’t get a nod for Best Documentary is genuinely inconceivable.


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5 Responses to 2013: Five Films The Oscars Forgot

  1. dbmoviesblog says:

    Great post. I am gutted about Skyfall. I thought it would do better, and now seeing that Tarantino’s ‘Django’ was nominated for the best picture, I don’t understand it at all. You are right about Judi Dench, and I would have also liked her to be nominated, but, also, while we are at it lol, I would have also nominated Jarvier Bardem for his role of Silva, I thought he was excellent! 🙂

    • Yeah, Bardem was great too. I’d also like to have seen a Best Actress nod for Keira Knightley in either Karenina or A Dangerous Method. All in all though it’s not been too bad a year for Oscar nominations.

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  3. Great post, the lack of nomination for The Imposter truly is criminal. One of the best films of the year.
    2012 was a banner year for Matthew McConaughey such a shame he didn’t get any recognition. As you say a non-entity of a performance like Arkin’s (or if I am being honest, De Niro, who is good just not great in SLP) got in over him? Pfft.

    – KC

  4. Great post. I totally agree with you on Cloud Atlas and The Imposter. Cloud Atlas is one of the best movies of 2012. It should have had nods for Makeup, music, and adaptation at least. I still think The Imposter is one of the best documentaries lately. Shame they missed both of them.

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