#MTOS Sunday March 31st – Video Game Movies

#MTOSThis week I will be hosting Movie Talk On Sunday on the subject of video game movies.

MTOS is a weekly online event designed to bring cinephiles together on Twitter and get them talking on a number of film-related topics.

To participate, simply find either myself (@popcornaddict) or the event’s official handle (@MovieTOS) on Twitter this Sunday at 20:00 GMT.

There will be ten questions, one delivered every ten minutes. Please tag your answers #MTOS so that your answers can be found by other participants, and vice versa.

To date, Hollywood has found critical and commercial success adapting novels, plays and even theme park rides for the big screen. Cinema’s relationship with video games has been far less illustrious, however, and this week I’d like to work out why.

This week’s questions are as follows:

1) Let’s cut to the chase, is it actually possible to make a good video game movie?

2) Of the video game movies you’ve seen, which have best survived the transition to the big screen? Why?

3) Of the video game movies you’ve seen, which have failed to translate? Why?

4) Films such as Tron, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Wreck-It Ralph deal heavily with gaming culture, but do they count as video game movies?

5) Have you ever played a video game tie-in? If not, what would entice you to do so?

6) What’s your favourite video game? If it hasn’t already been adapted for the big screen, would you want it to be?

7) Why do you think studios have largely adapted first-person shooters over platformers?

8) There are currently a number of video game movies in the works, but do you think Hollywood has moved on?

9) As the transmedia landscape evolves, movies and video games seem to be on something of a convergent course. Where will it end?

10) You are tasked with bringing a video game to the big screen. What would you pick, and how would you cast  it?

See you on Sunday.


About popcornaddiction
I am a psychology graduate, a News Writer for HeyUGuys/BestforFilm and, most importantly, a hopeless popcorn addict.

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