Fast And Furious 6 (2013)

Fast And Furious 6Having tracked a terrorist cell across Europe to Moscow, Diplomatic Security Service agent Luke Hobb’s (Dwayne Johnson) seeks the assistance of retired criminal Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), using the reappearance of his supposedly deceased girlfriend to secure his participation. While Dom reunites his team — including ex-cop Brian (Paul Walker), fellow street racer Han (Sung Kang) and old friend (Tyrese Gibson) — to help save Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Hobbs and partner Riley (Gina Carano) set out to bring rogue British Special Forces soldier Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) to justice before he can strike again.

It’s hard to imagine that the street racing series that started in 2001 with The Fast And The Furious would one day be competing in the biggest league of all: summer blockbuster season. And yet here we are, twelve short years later Fast And Furious 6 is driving circles around Star Trek Into Darkness at the global box office. Indeed, thanks to the surprise success of Fast Five in 2011 and a gloriously absurd trailer it is for some the most anticipated release of the entire year.

Director Justin Lin here takes the wheel for the fourth time, continuing once again to steer the franchise away from the small time criminality of the first few movies and into the action genre proper. It was a gear-change that worked beautifully in the previous film, and which leads to many of the best scenes in this latest instalment. Whether it’s cars flipping cars, cars fighting tanks or cars chasing jets, Lin’s eye for set pieces is such that you are unlikely to see anything more exciting for months to come.

Unfortunately, Fast And Furious 6 isn’t quite the well-oiled machine of Fast Five. The film stalls with a tacked on race sequence that feels forced and unneccessary, before jumping jarringly into titles that recount many of the highlights from earlier films. From here it struggles on, reintroducing and regrouping characters from around the world, suffering in the process from many of the same issues inherent in similar scenes of The Avengers. It is not until the second act that Fast And Furious 6 gains any real traction.

As the only members of the principal cast who can technically act, it seems a strange decision to exile Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster for much of the movie. About to start a family at the end of Fast Five, Brian here leaves his girlfriend at home with their newborn son, and later abandons his friends in London in order to interrogate a villain from an earlier movie back in LA. Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson get by on sheer presence alone, but neither can bring much meaning to the often laughably unnatural dialogue. Michelle Rodriguez, meanwhile, is stuck with an amnesic character arc that seems to have stumbled in from a bad soap opera.

And yet, despite its slow start, terrible script and strange tangents, Fast And Furious 6 is at least as enjoyable as any other film in the series, and a head and shoulders above the sixth instalment of many others. It is often funny, regularly jaw-dropping and occasionally so inspired that you feel you ought to stand up and applaud. By the time you reach the mid-credits stinger all is forgiven, including the apparently endless runway, just so long as Fast And Furious 7 gets here as soon as possible.



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2 Responses to Fast And Furious 6 (2013)

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  2. Nostra says:

    You have valid points, but personally I thought it was better than Five…it just offered the things I was expecting and turned them up to 11.

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