Obstruction One – The Dark Knight

Presented by My Film Views, The Five Obstructions Blogathon aims to challenge bloggers with monthly assignments. The first Obstruction, for June 2o13, involves writing either a negative review of a film you like, or a positive review of a film you do not.

The Dark Knight

The second film in visionary director Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece “The Dark Knight” trilogy, The Dark Knight picks up where Batman Begins left off, with Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) on the trail of The Joker (Heath Ledger), a psychopathic agent of chaos with a very literal calling card. There is a bigger game at play, however, and Gotham’s fate becomes inexplicably tied to that of district attourney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), and by extension his girlfriend and assistant Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal).

Having brought a new sensibility to The Batman in 2005, by disassociating the character from his childishly superhero roots and re-envisaging him as a hardened vigilante, Nolan continues to establish his more realistic interpretation of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight. Replacing Katie Holmes with Maggie Gyllenhaal and focusing on a part of Gotham untouched by monorails, fear toxins and stolen Microwave Emitters, Nolan here pushes this grittiness and realism to the next level.

In a market saturated with fun, entertaining superhero movies, The Dark Knight distinguishes itself as a serious film for serious adults. Nolan does this by pursuing weighty themes of morality and terrorism instead of wasting time on such immature things as wit and humour — even going so far as to paint such frivolity as the villain of the piece (The Joker repeatedly mocks Bruce Wayne’s severity, asking “Why so serious?”). We all know that superheroes are wasted on children, and here Nolan finally delivers the film that all intelligent men deserve.

While in Batman Begins Christian Bale had occasionally let identifiable words slip through his unintelligible growl, The Dark Knight gives us a vigilante that can never once be understood. It’s an incredible cameo, so much so that Bale reproduces it to brilliant effect in McG’s Terminator Salvation. Obviously, the real star of the show is Heath Ledger’s Joker, a beautifully realised and genuinely scary villain for the 21st Century. In fact, it was indesputably the best performance of 2008, rightly beating Josh Brolin and Phillip Seymore Hoffman at the 81st Academy Awards. Hans Zimmer impresses too, in his astonishing role as Background Noise.

A Christopher Nolan film, The Dark Knight is a definitive take on The Batman character and quite simply the best movie ever made. A perfect, flawless and intrinsically infallible film, it is up there with other masterpieces such as Inception, The Prestige and Memento.


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2 Responses to Obstruction One – The Dark Knight

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  2. Nostra says:

    So I assume you were not a fan of the movie? While I was reading it I didn’t know which way the review would go, but the final sentence sealed it. Thanks for joining in, have added your entry to the overview post!

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