August 2014 — I’m the knife before Christmas!

Begin AgainWhile by no means at the level I’d like them to be, my viewing figures for August are nevertheless up on July. I’ve been going to the cinema whenever I can, and have seen ten new cinematic releases in the last thirty-one days — as well as finally getting around to posting my review of Boyhood.

Of those, I have reviewed Step Up: All In, The Purge: Anarchy, Begin Again, Hercules, The Inbetweeners 2, Lucy and The Expendables 3. While none are likely to trouble my top ten or even twenty come the end of the year each managed to entertain on some basic level. The worst was arguably Hercules, though even Brett Ratner’s latest wasn’t completely devoid of redeeming features.

If anything, August has been a month of pleasant surprises. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to Lucy or Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For, yet both exceeded my admittedly low expectations. The same could be said for Begin Again and The Rover, though in their cases the surprise was even greater. Begin Again overcame my aversion to films about the music industry, while The Rover somehow sidestepped my blanket dislike for unnamed leading characters.

Reviews of Sin City 2, The Rover and Joe will be online as soon as get around to writing them, though the latter will likely also have to wait until I actually have something to say.

Outside of the cinema I finally took a vested interest in Scottish politics and waded into the referendum debate. I wrote a long-overdue blog for Finding A Neish about my reasons for voting against Scottish independence. But I’m getting ahead of myself, September is still hours away.

Film of the month: Begin Again



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