Steven Neish (@popcornaddict).

Having spent more time in the cinema than in class, it is only fitting that I leave my degree to fester while I get on with more pressing matters, namely: film.

You see, having funded my studies, survival and ongoing alcofrolics with a part-time job at The Cinema That Must Not Be Named, I spent the three glorious years watching the good, the bad and The Happening. Having worked Mamma Mia! mania, sold tickets to three Twilight movies and maintained an impressive grudge against the general public, I considered myself somewhat of an expert in all things film…until London.

I ended 2010 with a working vacation from post-university aimlessness at BestForFilm in London, where I met a plethora of movie buffs and buffets who quickly put my collective knowledge to shame. Re-evaluating my place in geek-dom, I have a renewed sense of purpose as I aim higher than ever before. I don’t want to be an usher any more, I want to be a movie journalist – and movie journalists have blogs!


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  2. Marek Steven says:

    Hi there,

    We do online PR for a lot of the big films, can I get an email?



    020 7749 8432

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